Vol. 7 (1999)

Published: 1999-01-14

Effects of 4X4 Block Scheduling

R. Brian Cobb, Stacey Abate, Dennis Baker 3

Less Truth Than Error: Massachusetts Teacher Tests

Walt Haney, Clarke Fowler, Anne Wheelock, Damian Bebell, Nicole Malec 4

Investigation of Education in Latin America

Abdeljalil Akkari, Soledad Pérez 10

Hiring Policy in United States Spanish Departments

Jerry Hoeg, Eric Cohen, Christine Fullen 12

Educational Selection Between Public School and Private School in Galicia

Prof. María Jesús Freire, Prof. José Venancio Salcines 15

Race and Policy

Ernest R. House 16

Testing On Computers

Michael Russell 20

Limitations of How We Categorize People

Cynthia Wallat, Carolyn Steele 21

Teachers in Charter and Traditional Schools

Sally Bomotti, Rick Ginsberg, Brian Cobb 22

Academic Program Approval and Review Practices

Don G. Creamer, Steven M. Janosik 23

Autonomous University in Brazil: A Utopia?

Maria de Lourdes de Albuquerque Fávero 24

Effects of Block Scheduling

William R. Veal, James Schreiber 29

Children's Rights and Education in Argentina, Chile and Spain

David Poveda, Viviana Gómez, Claudia Messina 31