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Vol. 7 (1999)

Published: Jan 14, 1999

Ethnic Segregation in Arizona Charter Schools

Casey D. Cobb, Gene V Glass

Educational Research in Latin America: A Response to Akkary and Pérez

Mariano Narodowski

Effects of 4X4 Block Scheduling

R. Brian Cobb, Stacey Abate, Dennis Baker

Less Truth Than Error: Massachusetts Teacher Tests

Walt Haney, Clarke Fowler, Anne Wheelock, Damian Bebell, Nicole Malec

Comments on the Ad Hoc Committee's Critique of the Massachusetts Teacher Tests

Howard Wainer

College Students' Use of the Internet

Anna C. McFadden

Restructuring the Schoolbook Provision System in Indonesia

Dedi Supriadi

Achievement and Demographics of Home School Students: 1998

Lawrence M. Rudner

High School Staff Characteristics and Mathematics Test Results

Mark Fetler

Investigation of Education in Latin America

Abdeljalil Akkari, Soledad Pérez

School to Work Opportunities Act Policy--An Effort at Backward Mapping

Arthur M. Recesso

Hiring Policy in United States Spanish Departments

Jerry Hoeg, Eric Cohen, Christine Fullen

Contextualizing Homeschooling Data: A Response to Rudner

Kariane Mari Welner, Kevin G. Welner

Supporting Community-Oriented Educational Change

Linda Mabry, Laura Ettinger

Educational Selection Between Public School and Private School in Galicia

Prof. María Jesús Freire, Prof. José Venancio Salcines

Race and Policy

Ernest R. House

Paradoxes in the redefinition of the work of the professorate

José Contreras Domingo

Demonstrated Actions of Instructional Leaders

George J. Petersen

A Statist Political Economy and High Demand for Education in South Korea

Ki Su Kim

Testing On Computers

Michael Russell

Limitations of How We Categorize People

Cynthia Wallat, Carolyn Steele

Teachers in Charter and Traditional Schools

Sally Bomotti, Rick Ginsberg, Brian Cobb

Academic Program Approval and Review Practices

Don G. Creamer, Steven M. Janosik

Autonomous University in Brazi: A Utopia?

Maria de Lourdes de Albuquerque Fávero

Quality of Researchers' Searches of the ERIC Database

Scott Hertzberg, Lawrence Rudner

Solving the Policy Implementation Problem

Gregg A. Garn

Homeschooling and the Redefinition of Citizenship

A. Bruce Arai

Project Hope and the Hope School System in China

Samuel C. Wang

Effects of Block Scheduling

William R. Veal, James Schreiber

Grade Inflation Rates among Different Ability Students

Stephanie Mc Spirit, Kirk E. Jones

Children's Rights and Education in Argentina, Chile and Spain

David Poveda, Viviana Gómez, Claudia Messina

A Profile of the University for the Next Millenium

Vidal Sunción Infante