Contextualizing Homeschooling Data: A Response to Rudner

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Rudner (1999) presents the results of a survey and testing program, administered by Bob Jones University (BJU), for homeschooling students. In this response, we applaud Rudner's contribution to building a greater understanding of the homeschooling movement. However, we also voice a strong concern that what Rudner contributed with one hand, he took back with the other. We contend that Rudner's analysis of the BJU data fails to offer a straightforward explanation of important and striking limitations. The unfortunate result is an inaccurate portrayal of homeschoolers as a white, Christian, monolithic population. Although the results of Rudner's analyses are likely valid for the particular population he studied, his insufficient attention to the data's bias has led to an erroneous picture of homeschooling.


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Welner, K. M., & Welner, K. G. (1999). Contextualizing Homeschooling Data: A Response to Rudner. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 7, 13.
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Kariane Mari Welner, University of California, Los Angeles

Kariane Mari Welner is a doctoral candidate at UCLA. Her specializations include homeschooling and issues of sociology and democracy in education.

Kevin G. Welner, University of Pennsylvania

Kevin G. Welner is a visiting researcher and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. His specializations include program evaluation and educational policy issues, particularly those concerning organizational change and school law. His personal homepage is at .