Children's Rights and Education in Argentina, Chile and Spain


  • David Poveda Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
  • Viviana Gómez Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Claudia Messina Autonomous University of Madrid



Case Studies, Childrens Rights, Educational Policy, Elementary Secondary Education, Equal Education, Foreign Countries, Models


This article is a first attempt to relate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to education policy. It compares three countries, Argentina, Chile and Spain in an attempt to both present particular problems that are of pressing concern in each and to propose a framework that might reveal some possible obstacles to the implementation of children's rights. The article is divided into three sections. In the first section, a comparative review of the formal dispositions and legislative changes in the three countries is presented. Some of the most notable contrasts are briefly contextualized in the history of each nation-state. In the second section, particular problems in each nation are reassessed through the lens of the Convention. Three cases are examined: in Argentina, the funding and organization of public compulsory education; in Chile, an instance of international cooperation in education; in Spain, the relations between public and private education and ethnic segregation. Finally, a general framework is discussed using these three cases as examples.


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Author Biographies

David Poveda, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

David Poveda currently teaches in the Psychopedagogy program of the University of Castill-La Mancha. His research focuses on classroom interaction, cultural diversity and literacy.

Viviana Gómez, Autonomous University of Madrid

Viviana Gómez currently teaches in the School of Education of the Universidad Pontifícia Católica de Chile. Her research interests focus social inequalities in education. She has recently completed a study of compensatory education in Spanish schools.

Claudia Messina, Autonomous University of Madrid

Claudia Messina has been a secondary school teacher and counselor in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, she is completing her doctoral degree in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her research focuses on teacher training and practical reasoning.




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Poveda, D., Gómez, V., & Messina, C. (1999). Children’s Rights and Education in Argentina, Chile and Spain. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 7, 31.