The New Right: Conservative student political repertoires and intragroup conflict




student politics, conservative students, political repertoires, student groups


This qualitative single-site case study explores how students identifying as conservative position themselves within the discursive field of their campus, how they understand their rhetorical and discursive development in relation to their more liberal peers, and what increasing political polarization means for college campuses. I find that the differences within the conservative student group studied are stronger and more concerning than how they describe differing from their liberal peers, particularly as the conservative student group I analyzed radicalized and became overtly racist and nationalistic. This is worrisome, as my participants noted this was not “a local problem” and mentioned that this was happening at a state and national level. This reality was evidenced by the recent insurrection at the Capitol.



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Author Biography

Nicholas Havey, University of California, Los Angeles

Nicholas Havey is a PhD candidate in Higher Education and Organizational Change at the University of California, Los Angeles.




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Havey, N. . (2021). The New Right: Conservative student political repertoires and intragroup conflict. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29(August - December), 134.