International migration and the right to education: Challenges for facing inequalities in education systems policies


  • Ana Lorena Bruel Universidade Federal do Paraná
  • Isabelle Rigoni Institut Nacional Sepérieur de Formation et de Recherche pour l’Éducation des Jeunes Handicapés et les Enseignements Adaptés (INSHEA, Grhapes)
  • Maïtena Armagnague Univerisité de Genève (Unige, FPSE, EduMiJ)



Educational policies, migrant students, right to education, education systems, educational inequalities


Studies about international migrant students in primary school are increasingly frequent in the educational literature. There is a strengthening on the production of international scholarship that seek to guide the debate on international migration policies and the defense of the right to education as a fundamental human right regardless of status, citizenship, or the existence of official identity documents, a right guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child. International migration processes are multiple and heterogeneous. The origins of migration are plural, as are the forms of reception in the countries of destination or transit. In the field of educational policy, researches observe that international migrant students may go through totally different schooling processes, with very different reception and permanence policies, depending on the school, education network or country in which they are. In this heterogeneous and complex international context, we present this dossier with the aim of contributing to an expanded reflection on the educational policies compared to international migrant populations in different countries, guaranteeing a multiplicity of voices, theoretical perspectives and fields of study.


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Author Biographies

Ana Lorena Bruel, Universidade Federal do Paraná

Professora pesquisadora no Núcleo de Políticas Educacionais e do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação da Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brasil). Professora visitante na Universidade de Bordeaux (França) entre 2018 e 2019 com financiamento CAPES Processo nº 88881.172843/2018-01.

Maïtena Armagnague, Univerisité de Genève (Unige, FPSE, EduMiJ)

Professora de Sociologia no INSHEA (França) e professora associada na Univerisité de Genève (Suíça), pesquisadora no Laboratório Grhapes e pesquisadora associada ao Centre Émile Durkheim e ao MIGRINTER.



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Bruel, A. L., Rigoni, I., & Armagnague, M. (2021). International migration and the right to education: Challenges for facing inequalities in education systems policies. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29(January - July), 66.



International Migration and the Right to Education