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Trainers' perceptions on pedagogical mentoring




teacher mentoring, mentor teacher, training of trainers, teacher preparation, perception, Dominican Republic


Pedagogical mentoring is a teacher training procedure addressed to improve the teaching and learning processes by analyzing and reflecting on the teaching practice. This paper aims to analyze the perceptions on the teaching mentoring practices of the mentors from Dominican Republic: mentors, principals, and supervisors. 340 mentors were included who answered a self-administered questionnaire, validated using four complementary modalities. It was found that mentors have a constructivist conception in the dimensions analyzed: pedagogical practices, planning, characteristics and purpose of the mentoring. Results showed mentors have some contradictions and conceptual limitations regarding their intervention in pedagogical practices and the teachers’ participation of teachers in the mentoring process, which suggest insufficient training in learning, teaching, teacher training, and mentoring. As the pedagogical conceptions influence what mentors do and how they do it, it is critical to intervene on their pedagogical beliefs to change the inappropriate mentoring teaching practices, improve the mentors’ training on mentoring, and, consequently, education. It is suggested to continue developing training programs for mentors, with an emphasis on pedagogical mentoring.


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Author Biographies

Berki Yoselin Taveras-Sánchez, Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña

University professor, trainer of trainers and General Coordinator of Teaching Practice at the Salomé Ureña Higher Institute of Teacher Training, ISFODOSU, Dominican Republic, she has held positions in public and private institutions coordinating teacher training programs and technical teams. As a researcher in education, she has participated in various studies and diagnoses in the educational field relevant to educational policies and other studies on pedagogical support. She is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Research Network on Pedagogical Practice, which aims to continue strengthening teacher training in the region. She is the author of the book Pedagogical Accompaniment: Guide for Teachers and Trainers  (Narcea).

Julián López-Yáñez, Universidad de Sevilla

Dr. Julián López Yáñez has been a full time, tenured professor at the Department of Teaching and Educational Organization, Faculty of Education, University of Seville (Spain) for more than 20 years, where he is an Associate Professor specializing in the field of School Organization and Management. He has been visiting scholar at several higher education and research institutions, among them: University of California, Riverside; Boston College; Universidade de Buenos Aires; CINVESTAV, México; Institute of Education, University of London; University of Manchester; and CRAFI, Deakin University, Melbourne.



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