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Education policy for peace: One of the great challenges for the future of Colombia




conflict processes, narrative, citizenship education, teaching methods, educational policies, qualitative analysis


While peace education is relevant anywhere, in Colombia it is necessary and urgent, given the high levels of violence in the country. The study raises the need to strengthen the field of peace education with social justice in secondary education in Colombia, as one of the actions that can contribute to the principle of non-repetition of the armed conflict. A total of 209 narratives of secondary school students in Bogotá on the peace agreement were evaluated; in each narrative, the main components of its construction and two skills of the field of peace education that could be articulated with the field of education for the future, perspective taking and solution proposals, were evaluated. A quantitative methodology was used, which included statistical exercises such as: t-test, Kernels density, chi-square, cluster analysis and multiple correspondence analysis. The results made evident the need to implement pedagogies such as those proposed by peace education oriented to prepare students for the changes required by the post-conflict country and to lead the actions that will allow them to be protagonists of such changes from their communities.




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Author Biographies

Nancy Palacios, Universidad de los Andes

Doctora en Didácticas Específicas Universidad de Valencia - España. Licenciada en Ciencias Sociales y Magister en Sociología Universidad del Valle – Colombia. Facultad de Educación, Universidad de los Andes – Bogotá, Colombia.

Miguel Rodríguez, Universidad del Tolima

Candidato a Doctor en Ciencias Agrarias Universidad del Tolima – Colombia. Magister en Ciencias Estadísticas Universidad Nacional – Colombia. Magister en Ciencias Físicas Universidad Del Tolima – Colombia. Licenciado en Matemáticas y Física Universidad del Tolima – Colombia. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas, Universidad del Tolima – Ibagué, Colombia. 



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Palacios, N., & Rodríguez, M. (2023). Education policy for peace: One of the great challenges for the future of Colombia. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 31.