Youth and Adults in the Prison System: research notes on the Brazilian experience


  • Elionaldo Fernandes Julião Universidade Federal Fluminense



Youth and Adults, education policies, restriction and deprivation of freedom, schools in the prison system


Education for youth and adults in situations of restriction and deprivation of freedom in Brazil over the last few years, has been consolidated as a national public policy. Among the main achievements include the adoption of national guidelines that regulate political principles underlying referrals and educational for its implementation in the states. Contributing to discussions implemented, especially in academic areas, this article results from research conducted over 15 years of study, aims to present some reflections on the school in the Brazilian prison system and the role of education for youth and adults context of deprivation of liberty. Among the main arguments stand out, in general terms, the everyday school spaces in the prison, the profile of professionals working in these schools, the student profile, internal prison; questions about reading and the existence of libraries in the prison, and on methodological perspectives implemented in schools in the penitentiary system.


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Author Biography

Elionaldo Fernandes Julião, Universidade Federal Fluminense

Professor Adjunto do Instituto de Educação de Angra dos Reis e do Programa de Pós-graduação em Educação da Universidade Federal Fluminense, é doutor em Ciências Sociais pela Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, atuando como pesquisador, consultor de organismos nacionais e internacionais e autor de artigos diversos sobre políticas de restrição e privação de liberdade no Brasil, destacando-se políticas de educação para jovens e adultos em situação de privação de liberdade.



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Julião, E. F. (2013). Youth and Adults in the Prison System: research notes on the Brazilian experience. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 21, 75.