“To Give Good Science”: Doing Qualitative Research in the Afterward


  • Patti Lather The Ohio State University




post-qualitative, neo-positivism, Walter Benjamin, neo-liberal governmentality, United States, schools and sports policy, “becoming feminist” analysis.


This article explores the “afterward” for qualitative research in the ruins of NCLB and its failure to deliver. In the space opened up “after” the dominance of the gold standard bullying and “metric mania” of neo-positivism, I articulate a post-retirement project on the weight of sports in U.S. secondary schools out of a re-engagement with the work of Walter Benjamin.  Here my interest is to imagine forward out of troubling the narrow scientism of the recent past of educational research toward a post-qualitative future.


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Author Biography

Patti Lather, The Ohio State University

Dr. Patti Lather is Professor of Cultural Foundations in Education at Ohio State University where she teaches qualitative research and gender and education. Her books include Getting Smart (1991), Troubling the Angels (1997, with Chris Smithies), Getting Lost: Feminist Efforts Toward a Double(d) Science (2007), and Engaging Science Policy: From the Side of the Messy (2010). She is a 2009 inductee into the AERA (Sister) Fellows and a 2010 recipient of the AERA Division B Lifetime Achievement Award.




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Lather, P. (2014). “To Give Good Science”: Doing Qualitative Research in the Afterward. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22, 10. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.v22n10.2014



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