The Development of Educational Accountability in China and Denmark


  • Palle Rasmussen Aalborg University
  • Yihuan Zou Central China Normal University



educational accountability, China, Denmark, school education, higher education


In recent decades, the concept of accountability has attracted more and more attention in public governance and management. The management of education is no exception. This article presents and discusses the evolution and current status of educational accountability in two different national contexts, China and Denmark. Two main sectors of education are covered, general school education and higher education. It is shown that both countries are marked by an increasing concern with educational accountability, that differences in history and culture between the two countries are reflected in the approaches to accountability, but that there are still considerable similarities in the types of accountability pursued. Under the influence of a transnational regime of policy development both countries seem to be moving towards output-based accountability, but more traditional inspection continues to have a role.


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Author Biographies

Palle Rasmussen, Aalborg University

Palle Rasmussen is professor of education in the Department of Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University, Denmark. His research interests include educational policy, sociological theories of education and learning; educational evaluation; professional education and lifelong learning in education and work contexts. He is a member of the Danish national research council for Culture and Communication.

Yihuan Zou, Central China Normal University

Yihuan Zou is an assistant professor at School of Education, Central China Normal University. His main research interests cover the sociology of education, educational policy, higher education, and learning theories.




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Rasmussen, P., & Zou, Y. (2014). The Development of Educational Accountability in China and Denmark. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22, 121.



Comparative and international history of school accountability