Do Teacher-Coaches Make the Cut? The Effectiveness of Athletic Coaches as Math and Reading Teachers


  • Anna Jacob Egalite Harvard University
  • Daniel H. Bowen Rice University
  • Julie R. Trivitt University of Arkansas



academic outcomes, athletic coaches, teacher-coaches


Math and reading teachers who also coach athletics in the public school system are challenged to balance the responsibilities that come with fulfilling dual occupational roles. While many studies have examined teacher-coaches' stress levels and job perception in the context of role strain, there is no evidence of how student achievement in tested subjects is affected by assignment to these teacher-coaches. A large administrative panel data set provided by the Florida Department of Education allows us to match students to teachers and use a student fixed effects approach to track changes in math and reading test scores over a seven-year time period, from 2002 through 2009. Despite the challenges associated with holding dual occupational roles, we find that students assigned to teacher-coaches perform at the same level in reading and math as when they are assigned to non-coaching teachers.


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Author Biographies

Anna Jacob Egalite, Harvard University

Anna J. Egalite is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University. She has published original research on the competitive and racial stratification effects of school choice programs as well as the effects of teacher policies on the educational outcomes of disadvantaged students.

Daniel H. Bowen, Rice University

Daniel H. Bowen is a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University’s Houston Education Research Consortium. His research focuses on educational interventions and programs that are typically not considered part of the "core" K-12 curriculum in addition to teacher quality, school choice, and nontraditional outcome measures in education. 

Julie R. Trivitt, University of Arkansas

Julie Trivitt is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics. Her research interests include human capital, education and unintended responses to incentives.




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Egalite, A. J., Bowen, D. H., & Trivitt, J. R. (2015). Do Teacher-Coaches Make the Cut? The Effectiveness of Athletic Coaches as Math and Reading Teachers. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 23, 54.