Entangled educator evaluation apparatuses: Contextual influences on new policies


  • Jake Malloy University of Wisconsin-Madison




Wisconsin, Actor-Network Theory, Educator Effectiveness


Drawing on an actor-network articulation of evaluation theory, this article examines the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s transition from a punitive teacher evaluation model to a promising new development and support model, which focuses on teacher growth and environmental adjustments. Supported by dozens of interviews and observations of teachers, school and district administrators, support staff, and regional and state education organization employees, the article explains how material, discursive, and affective entanglements within and outside the evaluation apparatus constrained the realization of the new growth model of teacher evaluation. Actor-network evaluation provides a new articulation of evaluation contextualization that provides insight into why some promising changes may run out of steam.


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Author Biography

Jake Malloy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jake Malloy, PhD, is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Educational Policy Studies department. His research interests include Evaluation Theory, Narrative Network Analysis, Science and Technology Studies, particularly of the poststructural and Actor-Network Theory variety.




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Malloy, J. (2020). Entangled educator evaluation apparatuses: Contextual influences on new policies. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 28, 60. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.28.5016



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