Response of local academia to the internationalization of research policies in a non-Anglophone country




internationalization of research, Kazakhstan, publish or perish, academic integrity, research practices, scientific community


World University Rankings (WUR) are growing in prominence in the eyes of governments and universities around the world. Often this encourages the introduction of state- or institution-wide policies and regulations that put academics and graduate students under performative pressure to publish in international, peer-reviewed journals with a high impact factor (e.g., Scopus- or Web of Science-indexed journals). Such publication requirements are part of the broader internationalization of research (IoR) policies being implemented in many countries. This article adopts a faculty-based perspective and explores the response of academia to IoR policies in Kazakhstan, a developing country that actively pursues a strategy of integrating local academia into the global scientific community. The authors develop a typology of responses based on a literature review to guide the data collection and interpretation. Data for this study were collected through document analysis and semi-structured interviews. Findings suggest that IoR policies lead to a variety of responses from academia, including gaming and token conformity.


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Author Biographies

Kairat Moldashev, NARXOZ University

Dr. Kairat Moldashev is an associate professor and Vice Provost for Research at Narxoz University, Kazakhstan. His research interests include education and science policy, internationalization of higher education, political economy of regionalisms and identity politics.

Askat Tleuov, KIMEP University

Dr. Askat is an assistant professor at the College of Humanities and Education in KIMEP University, Kazakhstan. He specializes in teacher cognition, teacher education, and teacher professional development. He has a particular interest in teacher knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions; how these are enacted in practice; and the personal, educational, and professional experiences which influence their development. Another strand of his research focuses on policy studies and politics of education.




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Moldashev, K., & Tleuov, A. (2022). Response of local academia to the internationalization of research policies in a non-Anglophone country. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 30, (56).