Linking teacher education to redesigned systems of accountability: A call for multiple measures in pre-service teacher effectiveness


  • Amy N. Farley University of Cincinnati
  • Grant Clayton University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Sarah J. Kaka Ohio Wesleyan University



Teacher education, multiple measures, accountability, pre-service teachers


In this written commentary for the special issue of Education Policy Analysis Archives focused on “Redesigning Assessment and Accountability,” we call for teacher preparation to embrace a multiple measures philosophy by providing teacher candidates with rich opportunities to engage with data from a variety of sources, beyond teacher test scores and principal evaluations. We apply and extend Bae’s (2018) argument to teacher preparation policies, urging teacher educators to develop programs that promote continuous improvement. We argue that teacher education can and should prepare candidates to engage in multiple measure systems, critically evaluate data and sense make to construct meaning, reflect on and improve their practice to meet the needs of all students, and ultimately advocate for next-generation accountability systems that authentically foreground and prioritize continuous improvement.


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Author Biographies

Amy N. Farley, University of Cincinnati

Amy N. Farley is Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at the University of Cincinnati. Her research addresses education policy’s impact on students, teachers, and educational equity and opportunity. She has previously published in several major journals, including Harvard Educational Review and Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

Grant Clayton, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Grant Clayton is an Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. His research interests include education policy, postsecondary readiness, accountability, and teacher preparation.

Sarah J. Kaka, Ohio Wesleyan University

Sarah Kaka is an Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Education at Ohio Wesleyan University. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at local, state, national, and international conferences. Her research strives to support educator preparation programs in creating effective, long-term educators in all settings.




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Farley, A. N., Clayton, G., & Kaka, S. J. (2018). Linking teacher education to redesigned systems of accountability: A call for multiple measures in pre-service teacher effectiveness. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 26, 12.



Redesigning Systems of Assessment and Accountability