“Glocalisation” doctrine in the Israeli Public Education System: A contextual analysis of a policy-making process


  • Yuval Dvir University College London
  • Claire Maxwell University College London
  • Miri Yemini Tel Aviv University




education policy, glocalisation, public participation, global citizenship


In 2016, the Israeli Ministry of Education (MoE) issued a policy document recommending six new doctrines for pedagogical development at schools. Amid those is ‘Glocalism’, aimed at addressing the global/local mix within the schooling system. Given the lack of a declared internationalization policy in Israel and its highly nationalistic curricula, this direction may constitute a first attempt by the MoE to internationalize school curricula. Public participation, including third-sector organizations actors, constituted a fundamental element in the development of this policy. Examining why this is, and what impact it had on how internationalization was conceived of is critical in this era of pluri-scalar policy-making. Our findings highlight the crucial role played by various non-governmental actors in this process. We also reveal that certain voices were in effect silenced – whether from marginalized constituencies or those suggesting directions contradicting the MoE’s intentions. The policy offers a vague definition for ‘Glocalism’, which appears to eliminate possibilities for marginalizing those communities who feel most challenged by this policy move. Yet, this open-endness in the conceptualization of internationalization is likely to further increase current inequalities within the education system. We argue that such public participation processes can therefore easily become pseudo-participatory, marginalizing and excluding particular constituents.


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Author Biographies

Yuval Dvir, University College London

Yuval Dvir is a doctoral student for International and Comparative Education whose work focuses on how the education policy field is shaping national education policy-making, social stratification and pedagogy. Yuval have published in Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of EducationCompare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, Globalisation, Societies and Education, Journal of Education Policyand the British Journal of Educational Studies.


Claire Maxwell, University College London

Claire Maxwell is a sociologist of education whose work focuses on how processes of globalisation and stratification are shaping social class identities, education practices and desired futures of young people and families from highly-resourced social groups. She works on projects with various colleagues located across different parts of the world – USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Australia, Sweden and China. Prof. Maxwell have published in British Journal of Sociology of Education, The Sociological Review, Sociology, Gender & Education, L'Année sociologique, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Pedagogy, Culture and Society.  She has edited international collections such as Elite Education and Internationalisation. From the Early Years into Higher Education (2018), Elite Education.  International Perspectives (2016), and Agency, Affect & Privilege (2013).

Miri Yemini, Tel Aviv University

Miri Yemini is a Comparative Education scholar at Tel Aviv University. Her research interests include globalisation of and in education; global citizenship education; internationalisation; intermediaries in education and the global middle class. She succeeded to secure substantial funding for her research from (among others) the EU, UNESCO, and MoE. This year she holds honorary visiting positions at UCL, Institute of Education; Freie Universität Berlin and The Friedrich-Alexander-Universität at Nuremberg. She published her research at Journal of Education Policy; Comparative Education Review; Teaching & Teachers Education; Globalisation, Societies and Education; Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education; Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education; Educational Management Administration and Leadership and others. 




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Dvir, Y., Maxwell, C., & Yemini, M. (2019). “Glocalisation” doctrine in the Israeli Public Education System: A contextual analysis of a policy-making process. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 27, 124. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.27.4274



Globalization, Privatization, Marginalization