Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): From public policies to evidence-based practices




autism, legislation, public policies, evidence-based practices


In recent years, Brazil has registered a significant increase in the incidence rate of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This phenomenon is accompanied by the growing number of inclusive policies and guidebook for educators and health agents, describing interventional practices that guarantee the education/treatment of these individuals in school and non-school settings. The purpose of this literature review, associated with documentary research, was to analyze reference publications, disseminated by the Ministry of Health and Education, which address interventional practices for individuals with ASD, published in the last 20 years. Results from the six documents identified indicated that the conceptions of ASD, the interventions proposed, as well as the professional profiles of those who work with this population were not always aligned with empirically validated protocols. Alternatives for the production, dissemination, and improvement of evidence-based practices (EBP) for students with ASD are discussed.


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Author Biographies

Débora Nunes, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

PhD in Special Education (FSU-USA). Associate Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Education Programs at UFRN; Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Special Education of UFRN. Associate editor of the Revista Brasileira de Educação Especial.

Carlo Schmidt, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

Doctoral degree in Psychology (UFRGS). Associate Professor of the Graduate Program in Education at the UFSM, Leader of the Special Education and Autism Research Group (EdEA/UFSM); Editor-in-chief of the Revista Educação Especial (UFSM).

Francisco de Paula Nunes Sobrinho, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

PhD in Special Education (Vanderbilt University – USA). Retired Full Professor at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro: professor and researcher of the Graduate Program in Public Policies and Human Formation (PPFH) and the Graduate Program in Education (ProPEd) UERJ; Senior Ergonomist, certified by the Brazilian Association of Ergonomics SisCEB/ABERGO.



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Nunes, D., Schmidt, C., & Nunes Sobrinho, F. de P. (2021). Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): From public policies to evidence-based practices. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29(January - July), 77.