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Vol. 16 (2008)

Published: Jan 16, 2008

Achieving testing for English Language Learners, ready or not?.

Sau-Lim Tsang, Anne Katz, Jim Stack

Media, youth, and education: modes of constructing the “other” in culture

Rosa Maria Bueno Fischer

Avoidable losses: High-stakes accountability and the dropout crisis.

Linda McSpadden McNeil, Eileen Coppola, Judy Radigan, Julian Vasquez Heilig

Latent Class Models in the Assessment of Education: The Case of Students’ Academic Attainment in Elementary Education in Zacatecas

Francisco Muro González

From Exclusion to Inclusion: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in the Spanish University

Manuel López Torrijo

Does high-stakes testing increase cultural capital among low-income and racial minority students?

Won-Pyo Hong, Peter Youngs

Intertextuality in Educational Reform: Reflections on Equity in Swedish School Reform

Guadalupe Francia

Educational Quasi-Market in Chile: The Discourse of Policy Makers

Claudio Almonacid, Antonio Luzón, Mónica Torres

Teachers' response to standards-based reform: Probing reform assumptions in Washington State.

Hilary Loeb, Michael S. Knapp, Ana M. Elfers

TICs: A key element of communication among university faculty

Marina Tomàs Folch, Paola Segovia Tamayo

Using administrative data to estimate graduation rates: Challenges, Proposed solutions and their pitfalls.

Joydeep Roy, Lawrence Mishel

Organizational Change in Distance Higher Education: the Re-negotiation of Employee's Psychological Contract

Gabriela Topa, José. F. Morales

The cost-effectiveness of comprehensive school reform and rapid assessment.

Stuart S. Yeh

Networks of Production and Dissemination of Information on Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Their Usefulness for Decision Makers

Francisco Téllez

The Professional Ethic Values Promoted by Governing Documents of a Public University in Mexico

Cecilia Osuna Lever, Edna Luna Serrano

A response to Steubing et al., "Effects of systematic phonics instruction are practically significant": The origins of the National Reading Panel.

Gregory Camilli, Sun Hee Kim, Sadako Vargas

The Negotiations of Services of Health and Education in Argentina: Between Commercial Liberalization and Technical Cooperation

Mercedes Botto, Juliana Peixoto Batista

The impact of state intervention on "underperforming" schools in Massachusetts: Implications for policy and practice.

Patrick J. McQuillan, Yves Salomon-Fernandez

Postcolonial Perspectives on the Inclusion of Immigrant Students in Galiza, Spain

Cathryn Teasley

Standards-based mathematics reforms and mathematics achievement of American Indian/Alaska Native eighth graders.

Motoko Akiba, Ya-Fang Chiu, Yue-Lin Zhuang, Heather E. Mueller

From Democratic Participation to School Choice: Quasimarket Principles in the Spanish Educational Legislation

Antonio Olmedo Reinoso

Organizational commitment, job satisfaction and intention to leave: A comparative analysis between part-time and full-time faculties

Pep Simo, Jose M Sallan, Vicenç Fernandez

Academic capitalism and academic culture: A case study.

Pilar Mendoza, Joseph B. Berger