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Vol. 19 (2011)

Published: Dec 8, 2011

Choice without Equity: Charter School Segregation

Erica Frankenberg, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, Jia Wang

Ways to live history. Or philosophy, culture, and architecture in the origins of the museum Altes in Berlín

Fabiano Lemos

Teacher Community in Urban Elementary Schools: The Role of Leadership and Bureaucratic Accountability

John M. Weathers

Exploratory Study about Health and Job Stress Determinants for Teaching and Research Staff in Universities in Spain

Maria Jose Saura, Pep Simo, Mihaela Enache, Vicenc Fernandez

P-20 Education Policy: School to College Transition Policy in Washington State

Paul E Pitre

High Expense: Disability Severity and Charter School Attendance in Arizona

Anthony M. Garcy

Eastern European Scientists in Mexico: An Exploration of their Immigration Experiences

Isabel Izquierdo

Circles of influence: An analysis of charter school location and racial patterns at varying geographic scales

Charisse Gulosino, Chad dEntremont

From the workers’ adult education to the trade union higher education system in France: The Regional Employment Institutes

Regina Maria Caruccio Martins

Education Reform, Equal Opportunity and Educational Achievement: Do Trend Data Adequately Report Progress?

Robert Charles Knoeppel, Curtis A. Brewer

Design and Implementation Issues in Longitudinal Research

Larry H Ludlow, Joseph Pedulla, Sarah Enterline, Emilie Mitescu Reagan, Mac Cannady, Stephanie Chappe

Importance of teaching and research from the academic perspective in Mexican public institution: The case of the University of Sonora

Etty Haydee Estévez Nenninger, Joel Manuel Martínez García

Schools’ Strategic Responses to Competition in Segregated Urban Areas: Patterns in School Locations in Metropolitan Detroit

Charisse Atibagos Gulosino, Christopher Lubienski

Practices of sexual education: an analysis in municipal schools in the south of Brazil

Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Oscar Ulloa Guerra

Globalization and the Reform of Faculties of Education in Egypt: The Roles of Individual and Organizational, National and International Actors

Mark Ginsburg, Nagwa Megahed

Childhood and Disability in Brazil: A History of Blindness and Silencing

Cristina Borges de Oliveira

The Impact of the Kalamazoo Promise on School Climate

Gary Miron, Jeffrey N. Jones, Allison J. Kelaher-Young

Context-Responsive Leadership: Examining Superintendent Leadership in Context.

Paul V. Bredeson, Hans W. Klar, Olof Johansson

The Relationships Between the Postmodern Agenda and the Bases of Teacher Education Policies in Brazil

Gisele Masson

Constitutional Reform and the Opportunity for Higher Education Access in Ecuador Since 1950

David Post

Public education finance systems in the United States and funding policies for populations with special educational needs.

Deborah A Verstegen

Required security screenings for researchers: A policy analysis

Andrew A. Zucker

Grading Standards in Education Departments at Universities

Cory Koedel

Pursuing Equity in and Through Teacher Education Program Admissions

Ruth Childs, Kathryn Broad, Kelly Gallagher-Mackay, Yael Sher, Kerry-Ann Escayg, Christopher McGrath

A study of the Impact of online educational journals: The case of REDIE

Eduardo Backhoff, Rosalinda Rentería, Maricela López-Ornelas, Gabriela Vidaurri

Locating Leadership: The Blind Spot in Alberta’s Technology Policy Discourse

Charmaine Brooks

Multidimensional Framework for the Analysis of Innovations at Universities in Catalonia

Marina TOMAS, Diego CASTRO

Education policy and employability: What are the most influential competencies?

María Jesús Freire Seoane, Mercedes Teijeiro Alvarez, Carlos Pais Montes

School Choice Participation Rates: Which Districts are Pressured?

Yongmei Ni, David Arsen

Municipal education departments: Planning and education outcomes

Cynthia Paes de Carvalho, Alicia Catalano Bonamino, Dolores Bombardelli Kappel

Education Alignment and Accountability in an Era of Convergence: Policy Insights from States with Individual Learning Plans and Policies

L. Allen Phelps, Julie Durham, Joan Wills

Factors for a succesful education in occupational safety and health in schools: Contributions from teachers in Andalusia (Spain)

Antonio Burgos Garcia, Clemente Rodriguez Sabiote, Jose Alvarez Rodriguez

Impact of Performance Funding on Retention and Graduation Rates

Thomas Sanford, James M Hunter

The Utility of Online Choice Options: Do Purely Online Schools Increase the Value to Students?

William Jonathan Rauh

Basic education teachers in Brazil in one possible reading of educational policies

Angelo Ricardo Souza, Andréa Barbosa Gouveia

Have the educational reforms worked in Latin America? A case study of Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Cristian G Perez Centeno, Mariana Leal