How do states integrate performance assessment in their systems of assessment?




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This paper reviews state strategies for incorporating performance assessment in policy and practice. Specifically, the paper reviews the use of performance assessment in 12 states in the Innovation Lab Network, a group committed to developing systems of assessment that provide meaningful measures of college and career readiness. This review suggests that states relied on four central approaches for integrating performance assessment in state and local systems of assessment: 1) classroom purposes, 2) graduation requirement, 3) school accountability purposes, or 4) federal accountability. We review these approaches and the benefits and challenges associated with each strategy.


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Author Biographies

Elizabeth Leisy Stosich, Fordham University

Elizabeth Leisy Stosich is an Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy at Fordham University. Previously, she was a Research and Policy Fellow at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education. Her research interests include education policy, assessment and accountability, school and district leadership, school improvement, and teachers’ professional learning.

Jon Snyder

Jon Snyder is the Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE). His research interests include teacher learning, conditions that support teacher learning, and the relationships between teacher and student learning.

Katie Wilczak, Summit Public Schools

Katie Wilczak is the Director of Research Projects at Summit Public Schools. Previously, she was the Director of Learning Design & Engagement at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, & Equity (SCALE). Her research interests include assessment policy, project based learning, teacher education, student engagement, and system improvement.




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Stosich, E. L., Snyder, J., & Wilczak, K. (2018). How do states integrate performance assessment in their systems of assessment?. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 26, 13.



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