When they go low, we go high: Scholars of color, activism, and educational research in a post-truth era


  • Joshua Childs University of Texas at Austin
  • Sarah Johnson University of Chicago




race, social justice, post-truth


In the post-truth era, research from scholars of color will serve greater utility due to their propensity to speak truth to power, counter inaccurate narratives about marginalized populations, and challenge the politics that emerge during the post-truth era. This paper will highlight how scholars of color have centered race and social justice within their research, and provide examples of how the educational research community should counter the current post-truth era.  We propose that scholars of color should be more prominent in our research agendas. This includes citing more of their work, supporting research agendas that positions ‘race’ at the center, and promoting critical scholarship that moves away from deficit language. If we are going to speak truth to power in today’s post-truth climate, then educational researchers must produce critical scholarship that challenges the lies and myths that permeate in a post-truth era.


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Author Biographies

Joshua Childs, University of Texas at Austin

Joshua Childs is an assistant professor of Educational Policy and Planning in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Texas. Joshua’s research focuses on the role of interorganizational networks, cross-sector collaborations, and strategic alliances to address complex educational issues.

Sarah Johnson, University of Chicago

Sarah Johnson is a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow in English at the University of Chicago. Her research is broadly concerned with 17th through 19th-century archives of slavery and marronage in the United States and Caribbean. Sarah researches questions of how certain resistance practices refuse or reject textual representation, and the resulting challenges such escapes from representation pose for historical authors and literary scholars today.




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Childs, J., & Johnson, S. (2018). When they go low, we go high: Scholars of color, activism, and educational research in a post-truth era. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 26, 146. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.26.3342



Rethinking Education Policy and Methodology in a Post-truth Era