Critical policy analysis in education: Exploring and interrogating (in)equity across contexts

Special issue introduction




context, critical policy analysis, educational policy, equity, methodology, theory


This article is the introduction to a special issue of Education Policy Analysis Archives entitled, “Critical Policy Analysis in Education: Exploring and Interrogating (In)Equity Across Contexts.” The special issue presents contemporary critical policy analyses from the United States, Canada, and Australia, which collectively represent methodological, contextual, and theoretical diversity. Individually, they offer incisive critiques of policy processes and outcomes that shape the way equity, and indeed inequity, are manifest in situ. The articles represent a spectrum of approaches to understanding (in)equity in education and point out various ways that educators, scholars, policymakers, and activists can engage with systems to leverage change. In the article, the co-editors identify key themes that distinguish the special issue’s contribution and explain the importance of critical policy analysis as a relevant and necessary alternative to policy analyses that ignore issues of equity, social justice, and oppression.


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Author Biographies

Sarah Diem, University of Missouri

Sarah Diem is a professor of educational policy and leadership in the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on the sociopolitical and geographic contexts of education, paying particular attention to how politics, leadership, and implementation of educational policies affect outcomes related to equity, opportunity, and racial diversity within public schools.

Jeffrey S. Brooks, Curtin University

Jeffrey S. Brooks is a professor of education and head of school of the School of Education at Curtin University. His research focuses on how leadership influences (and is influenced by) dynamics related to social justice, racism, and globalisation.




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Diem, S., & Brooks, J. S. (2022). Critical policy analysis in education: Exploring and interrogating (in)equity across contexts: Special issue introduction. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 30, (10).



Special Issue: Critical Policy Analysis in Education