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Vol. 20 (2012)

Published: May 21, 2012

Empowered Or Beleaguered? Principals’ Accountability Under New York City’s Diverse Provider Regime

Dorothy Shipps

The socioeconomic level of public school students and the conditions for the provision of education in the Brazilian municipalities

Thiago Alves, Maria Aparecida Gouvêa, Adriana Backx Noronha Viana

Re-Examining Exit Exams: New Findings from the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002

Catherine Shuster

Equity in Higher education in Mexico: The need for a new concept and new policies

Marisol Silva Laya

Constrained Curriculum in High Schools: The Changing Math Standards and Student Achievement, High School Graduation and College Continuation

Nathan Daun-Barnett, Edward P. St. John

Special higher teacher education programs in Brazil: Questioning the transfer of teacher education programs to universities

isabel Melero Bello, Belmira Oliveira Bueno

ICT Standards for Initial Teacher Training: A Public Policy in the Chilean Context

Juan Eusebio Silva Quiroz

The Impact of State-Wide Exit Exams in Germany: A Descriptive Case Study

Isabell van Ackeren, Rainer Block, Esther Dominique Klein, Svenja Mareike Kühn

The epistemological position of researchers in education policy: theoretical debates about the neo-Marxist, pluralist and post-structuralism perspectives

Cesar Tello, Jefferson Mainardes

Recess and Reading Achievement of Early Childhood Students in Public Schools

Ümmühan Yeşil Dağlı

Social Networking Postings: Views from School Principals

Marlynn M. Griffin, Robert L. Lake

The SAS Education Value-Added Assessment System (SAS® EVAAS®) in the Houston Independent School District (HISD): Intended and Unintended Consequences

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, Clarin Collins

Higher Education Policies in Latin America During the 21st Century: Inclusion or Quality?

Adriana Chiroleu

Professional Learning Activities in Context: A Statewide Survey of Middle School Mathematics Teachers

Motoko Akiba

Identifying Personal and Contextual Factors that Contribute to Attrition Rates for Texas Public School Teachers

Daniel Allen Sass, Belinda Bustos Flores, Lorena Claeys, Bertha Pérez

Gender and Sexuality: What do the Infant Education Teachers from Canoas/Brazil say?

Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Dirléia Fanfa Sarmento, Paulo Fossatti

An Empirically-based Statewide System for Identifying Quality Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Jeffrey M. Williams, Susan H. Landry, Jason L. Anthony, Paul R. Swank, April D. Crawford

Influence of the environmental conditions and academic performance in the Primary Education classrooms of Iberoamerica.

F. Javier Murillo, Cynthia Martinez-Garrido

In Search of Leading Indicators in Education

Jonathan Supovitz, Ellen Foley, Jacob Mishook

High-stakes testing and student achievement: Updated analyses with NAEP data

Sharon Nichols, Gene Glass, David Berliner

Analyzing the Anglo-American Hegemony in the Times Higher Education Rankings

Amadu Jacky Kaba

Quality accreditation and funding: Promoting university change through non-competitive improvement funds

Ana María García de Fanelli

The Relationship between Policy Design, Context, and Implementation in Integration Plans

Sarah Diem

Social Exclusion in Educational Discourse: an Analysis Based on a Program of Investigation

Juan Carlos González Faraco, Antonio Luzón Trujillo, Mónica Torres Sánchez

District-Wide Effects on Data Use in the Classroom

Jeffrey C. Wayman, Vincent Cho, Jo Beth Jimerson, Daniel D. Spikes

When Science Counts as Much as Reading and Mathematics: An Examination of Differing State Accountability Policies

Eugene Judson

Recruiting Expert Teachers into High-Needs Schools: Leadership, Money, and Colleagues

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Intergroup Relations in Integrated Schools: A Glimpse Inside Interdistrict Magnet Schools

Robert Bifulco, Christian Buerger, Casey Cobb

Who Are Charter School Teachers? Comparing Teacher Characteristics, Job Choices, and Job Preferences

Marisa Ann Cannata, Roberto Penaloza

Uneven Distribution of Novice Teachers in the Chilean Primary School System

Lorena Meckes, Martín Bascopé

Is Administration Leaner in Charter Schools? Resource Allocation in Charter and Traditional Public Schools

David D. Arsen, Yongmei Ni

The introduction in Spain of educational policies based on a “business” oriented style of schools' management: The case of Andalucía

F. Javier Merchán

Trends in mathematics and science performance in 18 countries: Multiple regression analysis of the cohort effects of TIMSS 1995-2007

Hee Kyung Hong

Educational processes and practices of amerindian people in Brazil a perspective on contemporary research

Maria Aparecida Bergamaschi

Evidence for the Influence of School Context on College Access

Betsy R. Strick

Teacher training: literature and inventive memory in the construction of narratives about teacher training

Cláudia Bechara Fröhlich, Simone Moschen

Funding Disparities and the Inequitable Distribution of Teachers: Evaluating Sources and Solutions

Frank Adamson, Linda Darling-Hammond

Personal development in secondary education: the Irish Transition Year

Aidan Clerkin

The "school effect" in some Latin American countries: Reanalyzing SERCE data

Rubén Alberto Cervini

Developmental State Policy, Educational Development, and Economic Development: Policy Processes in South Korea, 1961-1979

Ki Su Kim

Factor Structure of Opportunity to Learn for Students with and without Disabilities

Stephanie Washbourn Cawthon, Leland Lockhart, Alyssa Kaye, Tasha Beretvas

Desafios da arte contemporânea para a educação: práticas e políticas

Luciana Gruppelli Loponte

“Lessons from things” in the Museum: The intuitive method and the State Museum of Rio Grande do Sul in the first decades of the 20th century.

Zita Rosane Possamai