Vol. 20 (2012)

Published: 2012-05-21

The Impact of State-Wide Exit Exams in Germany: A Descriptive Case Study

Isabell van Ackeren, Rainer Block, Esther Dominique Klein, Svenja Mareike Kühn 8

Gender and Sexuality: What do the Infant Education Teachers from Canoas/Brazil say?

Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Dirléia Fanfa Sarmento, Paulo Fossatti 16

An Empirically-based Statewide System for Identifying Quality Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Jeffrey M. Williams, Susan H. Landry, Jason L. Anthony, Paul R. Swank, April D. Crawford 17

In Search of Leading Indicators in Education

Jonathan Supovitz, Ellen Foley, Jacob Mishook 19

Social Exclusion in Educational Discourse: an Analysis Based on a Program of Investigation

Juan Carlos González Faraco, Antonio Luzón Trujillo, Mónica Torres Sánchez 24

District-Wide Effects on Data Use in the Classroom

Jeffrey C. Wayman, Vincent Cho, Jo Beth Jimerson, Daniel D. Spikes 25

Factor Structure of Opportunity to Learn for Students with and without Disabilities

Stephanie Washbourn Cawthon, Leland Lockhart, Alyssa Kaye, Tasha Beretvas 41