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Recent Articles

Gender equality education in childhood and adolescence in Spanish schools: An investment for social transformation

J. Eliseo Valle Aparicio

Rural social movements, political praxis, and inclusion in education: Perspectives and advances in contemporary Brazil

Arlete Ramos dos Santos, Lia Pinheiro Barbosa

Searching for equity-centered change agents: An investigation of family and community engagement in teacher evaluation frameworks

Linda K. Mayger, Kathleen Provinzano

The right to education and universalization of high school in Brazil: Acts of the federal legislative power (2009-2016)

Monica Ribeiro Silva, Vanessa Campos de Lara Jakimiu

Legislating what matters: How policy designs shape two new immigrant destinations schools’ responses to immigrant students

Kristina F. Brezicha

Socio-educational accompaniment during formative itineraries with migrant youth in the protection system

Deibe Fernández-Simo, Xosé Manuel Cid-Fernández, María Victoria Carrera-Fernández

Secondary teachers’ competences in Spain: The evolving teacher profile in initial teacher education programs

Lucía Sánchez-Tarazaga, Jesús Manso

Rural education teacher training: Remote learning challenges in Brazilian IFES during the COVID-19 pandemic

Francisca Marli Rodrigues de Andrade, Letícia Pereira Mendes Nogueira, Lucas do Couto Neves

The rise and fall of Missouri’s performance assessment of student teachers: A policy network analysis of the Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment

Alexander Cuenca, Joseph R. Nichols Jr.

A critical analysis of racial disparities in ECE subsidy funding

Karen Babbs Hollett, Erica Frankenberg

School funding in Australia: A critical policy analysis of school sector influence in the processes of policy production

Matthew P. Sinclair, Jeffrey S. Brooks

Critical policy analysis in education: Exploring and interrogating (in)equity across contexts Special issue introduction

Sarah Diem, Jeffrey S. Brooks

“All schools are not created equal:” An analysis of public comments on school rezoning

Andrene J. Castro, Mitchell Parry, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley

Who governs? Blank spots and blind spots in state boards of education in the United States

Bryan A. VanGronigen, Michelle D. Young, Kevin Rodriguez

Shifting meanings: The struggle over public funding of private schools in Alberta, Canada

Sue Winton, Steven Staples

Examining covert and explicit mechanisms of education inequity to foster just public education and authentic democracies Special issue commentary

Camille M. Wilson

Language and power dynamics: A critical policy analysis of racial and choice discourses in school integration policies

Sarah Diem, Madeline Good, Brittany Smotherson, Sarah W. Walters, Vida Nana Ama Bonney

Staying or leaving? Teacher professional characteristics and attrition in Arizona traditional public and charter schools

Margarita Pivovarova, Jeanne M. Powers

The meaning of tutoring during the practicum: The role of accompaniment and facilitation in the acquisition of professional competences

Elena García-Vila, María Pilar Sepúlveda-Ruiz

The training of physical education teachers in Portugal, the USA, and Brazil from the perspective of professionalization of teaching during the practicum

Elisangela Venancio Ananias, Samuel de Souza Neto, Larissa Cerignoni Benites

New educational horizons following the rise of the “new far right” in Europe: A documentary analysis

Adrián Neubauer, Angel Méndez-Núñez

Political nonprofits and dark money in Alabama education politics

Sean M. Baser

Public management of Brazilian Smart Cities and their effects on local education

Leonardo Flach, Jonatas Dutra Sallaberry, Lauren Dal Bem Venturini, Luísa Karam Mattos, Bárbara Rocha Bittencourt

Determinants of teacher attrition: Evidence from district-teacher matched data

Emma García, Eunice S. Han, Elaine Weiss

From incentivizing demand to regulating the offer: Chilean admission policies in teacher education

Ariel Montero, M. Beatriz Fernández

Educational policy in the São Paulo state network and quality of education under the New Public Management, 1995 to 2018

Márcia Aparecida Jacomini, Eduardo Donizete Girotto, Andreza Barbosa, Sergio Stoco

Asymmetries in the reading competence of English and Spanish speakers in dual immersion programs: A quantitative and cross-sectional study

Maria Capdevila-Gutierrez, A. Jesus Moya-Guijarro

Selling and resisting English-medium schooling on Milwaukee’s multilingual Near South Side: A typology of choice schools’ marketing strategies

Andrew H. Hurie, Deborah K. Palmer

Examining racial discourse in equity reports: Florida’s public Hispanic serving institutions

Ishara Casellas Connors

Brazilian National Exam on Students’ Performance (Enade): Thematic tendencies of Brazilian scientific production (2004-2019)

Alex de Oliveira Fernandes, Suzana dos Santos Gomes

Internationalization in the evaluation of graduate studies in Brazil: The role of the education field

Fabiano Antonio Santos, Isaura Monica Souza Zanardini, Celso Hotz

Public funds in dispute: Central government budget expenses with public debt, federal universities and science and technology in Brazil (2003-2020)

Luiz Fernando Reis, Epitácio Macário

(De)structuring teacher careers at Brazilian federal universities

Francilene Macedo Rocha, Savana Diniz Gomes Melo, Rafaela Campos Duarte Silva

State public policies and the field of distance education: Disputes and perspectives around quality

João Ferreira Oliveira, Daniela Costa Britto Pereira Lima

Changes in the concept of university in 20th century Peru: From the humanistic university to the entrepreneurial university

Juan Arturo Maguiña, Rosemary Dore

Public policies of higher education in Chile in crisis contexts: Transformations and continuities of the university system between the Civil-Military Dictatorship and the Post-Dictatorship (1981-2018)

Felipe Zurita

Higher education in Latin America in times of crisis

Suzana dos Santos Gomes, Savana Diniz Gomes Melo, Felipe Zurita

The (in)coherence of Canadian refugee education policy with the United Nations’ strategy

Valerie Rose Schutte, Peter Milley, Eliane Dulude

Academic achievement in math and language of migrant and local students: The role of teachers' educational expectations and ethnic composition

M. Constanza Ayala

Media and human rights education: New times, new challenges

Kelly Maia Cordeiro, Izadora Martins da Silva de Souza, Renato Pontes Costa

Neoliberalism, COVID, anti-science, and the politics of school reopening

Kerry Kretchmar, T. Jameson Brewer

Identities and teaching positions in the teacher-university relationship: A focus group study with teachers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mario Benavides-Lara, Mercedes de Aguero-Servín, Víctor Rendón-Cazales, Maura Pompa-Mansilla

The ProUni in the dissertations defended from 2007 to 2017: Where are the ProUni scholarship teachers in basic education?

Jaime Antônio Nalin, Vera Lucia Felicetti, Evaldo Luis Pauly

Assessment of the redistributive equity of the new FUNDEB model

Alexsandro do Nascimento Santos, Caio de Oliveira Callegari, Antonio Cesar Russi Callegari

School funding challenges in Brazil from a multidisciplinary perspective

Zara Figueiredo Tripodi, Ursula Dias Peres, Thiago Alves

Financing of basic education in Mercosul: A comparative analysis of the sources, volume, and nature of resources (2000-2015)

Carlos Antônio Diniz Júnior, Thauan Santos

Education as public investment: Political necessity, economic debate, and institutional propositions

Élida Graziane Pinto, Salomão Barros Ximenes, André Roncaglia Carvalho

Teacher remuneration in Brazil and the dispute of the public fund (2008–2020)

Maria Dilneia Espíndola Fernandes, Marcos Edgar Bassi, Rosana Maria Gemaque Rolim

What’s working in Los Angeles? Two decades of achievement gains

Bruce Fuller

From consumer information to citizen education: Twenty-three years of discussions (1992-2015)

Karina Fins, Angela Aisenstein

Subjects of the management team of the Brazilian Ministry of Education (1995-2002): Constitution of a politico-educational culture

Heitor Lopes Negreiros, Amarílio Ferreira Neto, Wagner dos Santos

The re-elaboration of the 2013 educational reform in Mexico from the classrooms: Case studies in two rural settings

María Mercedes Ruiz, Leonardo Oliver Ortiz

How can STEM disciplines support political engagement? Examining student characteristics and college experiences

Hyun Kyoung Ro, Frank Fernandez, Inger Bergom

Pedagogical work in the master’s degree of professional and technological education in the national network

Liliana Soares Ferreira, Ana Sara Castaman

Response of local academia to the internationalization of research policies in a non-Anglophone country

Kairat Moldashev, Askat Tleuov

Tensions and directions of internationalization in Brazil: Between competition and solidarity

Kyria Rebeca Finardi, Ana Rachel Macêdo Mendes, Kleber Aparecido da Silva

The internationalization of the German Dual Vocational Training System: Factors for its implementation in other countries

Jesús Alemán-Falcón, Maria Ascensión Calcines-Piñero

The scope of student admissions by the Quotas Law: The case of the Federal University of Alfenas

Ronaldo André Lopes, Guilherme Henrique Gomes da Silva

Experiences of Unifesp undergraduates: The evaluation of graduates

Maria Angélica Pedra Minhoto, Magali Aparecida Silvestre, Deise Lopes de Souza, Regina Célia Reis

Access and equity for students with disabilities in Colombian higher education

Adalia Vidarte, Juanita Reina Zambrano, Allison Mattheis

The experience of violence among the students of UNAM (2018-2020)

Marcela Meneses Reyes, Leticia Pogliaghi

Disciplinary diversity in Chilean undergraduate student engagement

Gonzalo Zapata, Peodair Leihy, José Salazar, Daniela Espinoza

Introduction to the special issue: Student experience in Latin American higher education

Maria Veronica Santelices, Sergio Celis

Internal migrant students in Chile transitioning to the university: Experiences in a triple rupture scenario

Fernanda Goñi, Catalina Moraga, Macarena Sanhueza, Ximena Catalán, María Soledad Cruz, Gonzalo Gallardo, Daniela Veliz

Beyond “best practices”: Centering equity in teacher preparation evaluation

Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Emilie Reagan

Equity and performance in the National High School Exam: A study on sex and race in Brazilian municipalities

Caroline Ponce de Moraes, Rodrigo Tosta Peres, Maria Tereza Serrano Barbosa, Carlos Eduardo Pedreira

Design and implementation of teachers’ peer evaluation in Mexico

Ana Razo, Jimena Hernandez-Fernandez, Ivania de la Cruz

Academic tutoring during COVID-19: Higher education students’ perspectives

Salvador Ponce, Yessica Martínez, Paul Yitzen Ruelas, David Guadalupe Toledo

1968 in Brazil was also like that!

Carlos Bauer

More ideational than material: Exploring the contemporary role of student voices in Chilean universities

Stephen Darwin

Educational policies and historical memory in the Spanish school: Forgetting the repression and resistance in the Franco regime

Enrique-Javier Díez-Gutiérrez

Regional identity and the educational policy and legislation of the Spanish Democratic Transition (1979-1985)

Manuel Hijano del Rio, Francisco Martín Zúñiga

From training to professionalization in cultural action: Realities and future prospects in public policies (Xerf@ Project in Galicia)

Héctor Pose-Porto, José Antonio Caride