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Vol. 17 (2009)

Published: Nov 22, 2009

The Segregation of American Teachers.

Erica Frankenberg

Using triangulation to assess continuing education teacher needs in Madrid (Spain)

Coral González, María Castro, Luis Lizasoain

Within-district resource allocation and the marginal costs of providing equal educational opportunity: Evidence from Texas and Ohio.

Bruce D. Baker

The Research on Intercultural Education in Spain

Rosa Maria Rodríguez Izquierdo

Teacher evaluation as a policy target for improved student learning: A fifty-state review of statute and regulatory action since NCLB.

Helen M. Hazi, Daisy Arredondo Rucinski

Continued Progression, Work and Teaching as a Profession

Ivanise Monfredini

Improving low-performing schools through external assistance: Lessons from Chicago and California.

Kara S. Finnigan, Catherine Bitter, Jennifer O'Day

Reflections on the concepts of "politics," public policy and education policy

Oscar Espinoza

Researcher perspectives on class size reduction.

Elizabeth Graue, Erica Rauscher

Concept and Determinants of Quality in Higher Education. A Survey Conducted amongst Spanish University Lecturers.

Antonio Cardona Rodríguez, Miren Barrenetxea Ayesta, Juan José Mijangos del Campo, Jon Olaskoaga Larrauri

Teacher turnover: An issue of workgroup racial diversity.

Kitae Sohn

Education and youth in contexts of socioeconomic inequality. Trends and perspectives for Latin America.

Pablo Christian Aparicio

Using Research in Policy Decision-Making An Approach to the Study

Jaime Moreles Vázquez

The equity of school facilities funding: Examples from Kentucky.

William J. Glenn, Lawrence O. Picus, Allan Odden, Anabel Aportela

Teacher qualification and the achievement gap in early primary grades.

Donald Easton-Brooks, Alan Davis

Study of the determinants of efficiency applying Hierarchical Linear Models in the assessment PISA 2006: the case of Spain

Esther López Martín, Enrique Navarro Asencio, Xavier G. Ordóñez Camacho, Sonia J. Romero Martínez

Affirmative Action’s Fate: Are 20 More Years Enough?

Michele S Moses, John T. Yun, Patricia Marin

A Survival Analysis of Student Mobility and Retention in Indiana Charter Schools

Holmes Finch, Dan Lapsley, Mary Baker-Boudissa

Comparing linguistic symmetries: Teachers and students analyze Spanish and English in the classroom

Fernando Rodríguez-Valls

MERCOSUR’s Influence on Higher Education: An analysis from the “Mercosurización” of public policies

Facundo Solanas

The world-system of academic capitalism: Process of consolidation of the entrepeneurial university

Eduardo Fernández

Background Variables, Levels of Aggregation, and Standardized Test Scores

Sharon E. Paulson, Gregory J. Marchant

Contextual Influences on Superintendents' Time Usage

Kim Jones, Aimee Howley

The world-system of academic capitalism: Process of consolidation of the entrepeneurial university

César Silva Montes

Comprehensive School Reform: Meta-Analytic Evidence of Black-White Achievement Gap Narrowing

Kevin M. Gorey