Vol. 17 (2009)

Published: 2009-11-22

Concept and Determinants of Quality in Higher Education. A Survey Conducted amongst Spanish University Lecturers.

Antonio Cardona Rodríguez, Miren Barrenetxea Ayesta, Juan José Mijangos del Campo, Jon Olaskoaga Larrauri 10

The equity of school facilities funding: Examples from Kentucky.

William J. Glenn, Lawrence O. Picus, Allan Odden, Anabel Aportela 14

Study of the determinants of efficiency applying Hierarchical Linear Models in the assessment PISA 2006: the case of Spain

Esther López Martín, Enrique Navarro Asencio, Xavier G. Ordóñez Camacho, Sonia J. Romero Martínez 16

Affirmative Action’s Fate: Are 20 More Years Enough?

Michele S Moses, John T. Yun, Patricia Marin 17