Public policy networks and the implementation of the Bolsa-Família Program: An analysis based on the monitoring of school attendance




public policy networks, policy implementation, educational policy


The paper analyzes the connections derived from the routines and processes linked to the monitoring of school attendance of the Bolsa Família Program (BFP) in the city of Belo Horizonte. Based on the Actor Network Theory, the theoretical approach articulates technology, routines, street-level bureaucrats and the territory in the policy network materialized. Thirty-one multilevel public agents were interviewed, including 14 education professionals in two schools and eight social work professionals in two local centers. The analysis reveals that school attendance causes the social program to have a strong connection with education, promoting intersectoral and multilevel cooperation through the connection between school and social assistance centers in the territory. In addition, the results present a theoretical-methodological path for public policy network analysis.


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Author Biographies

Breynner Ricardo Oliveira, Federal University of Ouro Preto

Breynner R. Oliveira, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Public Management and the Post Graduation Programs of Education and Applied Economics at the Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil. Professor Oliveira's interests are in the area of public policies, with an emphasis on implementation, evaluation and monitoring of social and educational policies. He has investigated and supervised several academic pieces of research in the field of evaluation and implementation of educational and social policies linked to institutions and organizations at the local level, focusing on decision-making processes, the perception of the actors involved, the implementation strategies, the institutional effects produced and the work dynamics of the subjects linked to them.

Doriana Daroit, University of Brasília

Doriana Daroit, PhD., is a professor in the Department of Management and Post-Graduation Program on Development, Society, and International Cooperation/Multidisciplinary Advanced Studies Center at the University of Brasília, Brazil. Her research subjects are public policy networks, transversality in public action, technologies, and instruments of public action. She coordinates the Public Action for Democratic Development Research Laboratory.




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Oliveira, B. R., & Daroit, D. (2020). Public policy networks and the implementation of the Bolsa-Família Program: An analysis based on the monitoring of school attendance. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 28, 120.



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