Teach For America influence on non-TFA teachers in TFA-hiring schools





Teach For America, sociocultural policy studies, case study, teacher attrition


Teach For America (TFA) has left an indelible mark on education in the United States and worldwide through its expansion via Teach For All. A considerable body of research examines the impact and experiences of teachers who enter the profession via TFA and related organizations, including the ways in which they embody controversial policies and new forms of teacher expertise and professionalism. Scant research, however, has examined the experiences of non-TFA teachers who work alongside them. This instrumental case study draws on interviews with nine non-TFA teachers working in traditional public schools to explore their experiences of interacting with TFA teachers at their schools. The findings focus on the perceived inexperience of TFA teachers as well as the labor expended by non-TFA teachers in support of these novice teachers. The paper also examines experiences of TFA teacher attrition and its impact on other teachers, students, and staff at the schools. The paper concludes by discussing the significance of this study and related research across individual, institutional, and broader structural levels.


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Author Biographies

Ashlee Anderson, University of Tennessee

Ashlee Anderson is a clinical associate professor within the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education at the University of Tennessee. Her primary research interests are foundations of education/sociology of education, teacher education/teacher development, qualitative research methodologies, education policy and reform, international education, equity and social justice, and cultural studies in education. 

Matthew A. M. Thomas, University of Sydney

Matthew A. M. Thomas is a senior lecturer in comparative education and sociology of education at the University of Sydney. His research examines educational policies, pedagogical practices, and teacher and higher education. Most recently, Matthew is the co-editor of Examining Teach For All (Routledge, 2021) and the Handbook of Theory in Comparative and International Education (Bloomsbury, 2021). You can follow him on Twitter @MThomasEdDev

T. Jameson Brewer, University of North Georgia

T. Jameson Brewer, PhD, is an associate professor of social foundations of education at the University of North Georgia. Broadly conceptualized, his research focuses on the impact of privatization and marketization of public education by way of school vouchers, charter schools, alternative teacher certification, and homeschooling. Follow him on Twitter: @tjamesonbrewer




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Anderson, A., Thomas, M. A. M., & Brewer, T. J. (2022). Teach For America influence on non-TFA teachers in TFA-hiring schools. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 30, (98). https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.30.6163



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